Sunday, 28 October 2007

Halloween and other good things.

We have all been really sick these last few weeks with coughs and colds that just seem to go on and on forever! I gave up trying to get Antonia into school every day until I felt we were both over it. Today is the first day I have felt nearly human, which is why I am finally updating this blog!!

School is going well and she seems to be settling in. Every morning we have the ritual of crying but too many people tell me they see her after I have gone and that she is happy and smiling, so I am not concerned about it!

Last week I was told by the teacher that I hadn't brought in all the required supplies. I thought I had, then I found out that all the tissues, kitchen roll and soap that I had been dutifully putting into Antonia's bag everyday was actually supposed to be brought in in bulk for the school's use! The fee's for a private school here are very low, I pay €120 a month and this is their only funding. Consequently the parents are expected to contribute supplies etc. to make up any short fall. I told my husband about this and we were both speculating what parents at my son's school would have to say if they were expected to do the same there! Fee's for a UK Prep school are £2000 a term!! I think I like the Italian way better ;))!

She has also started dance class at school, which she loves. I get a performance after every class at home, which is really cute!

This week is also Halloween. As far as I know there won't be anything done at school - there wouldn't be at a UK Catholic school so I am going to assume it will be the same here. However, the Children's Library at the US Church here in Florence had a Halloween party. Luckily I am aware that in the US dressing up for Halloween doesn't mean you have to look like something out of a horror movie - in the UK everyone tends to do Dracula, Witches, Ghosts, Mummies etc. - so Antonia was able to strut her stuff as Cinderella. Her costume had come over with our possessions from the UK so its timing was great!

Alex, my son, was over for half-term and joined in the spirit. He didn't go to the party but he bought a costume to take back to school for the Halloween party they will be having there.

Half-term doesn't seem to exist here, which surprised me, so he has been here for 10 days while Antonia has been to school, other than when I have been too sick to take her. Next week we get All Saints on the 1st November and the Friday too, which is nice, but other than a couple more days before Christmas that will be it!

Anyway I am hoping that the 3 days she is in next week will be healthier than they have been!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sick Again

The first few weeks are always bad where coughs and colds are concerned. Anyway, Antonia missed school again today with a temperature. As she slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, something she never does anymore, I knew I had made the right decision. Friday is a write-off too as my possessions arrive from the UK and I have to be here from 12 noon. Never mind! We have plenty of time.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Week Two - what exciting titles!

I'm really going to have to come up with something else! But anyway, week two was hit and miss. She didn't go in Monday, after the frustrations of the Sunday and getting Alexander off to school we didn't get home until gone 11.00 p.m. so as she had been ill Friday I didn't take her in, which meant I missed my class too. Instead we went out with her dad for lunch. What a disaster! Forgetting that everywhere is closed Monday the best we could find was a place called "Note Bizarre" and please note, it is! We had burgers and hot dogs. It has to be the worst meal I have had since arriving here - and I've had a few rough ones! The meat patties themselves were fine but the presentation and salad were just awful. Antonia's dog was covered in mustard without being asked for - I don't know too many three year olds that are big on mustard, do you? So please avoid!

She went in Tuesday but I started with a migraine that night and could barely move Wednesday so, again, we both missed school! With all this disruption we were back to square one with her being really upset at my going. But she is happy when I return so I am not too concerned at the moment.

This week I am trying some reverse psychology - I told her to cry as much as she wanted but I was going to have to leave anyway! It seemed to work a little - she only started to cry as I was leaving, and it wasn't hysterical more a case of this is what she HAS to do when I leave!

Dancing starts this week, so I think this will see a change anyway as she loves to dance!