Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Yep, just as I thought things were settling down, this reared its ugly head.

Unfortunately the child committing the acts is to some degree protected as he is an adoptee from the Ukraine with all sorts of problems. One of those being that his idea of social interaction is to bite, hit, punch and generally be a complete nasty so and so to the other children.

Complaints are being made by many parents as every child in this group seems to have suffered at this childs hands at some point since September.

For me though the last straw came yesterday. Last week I found him attacking my daughter in the school toilets. I chased him back to the classroom and an Italian parent helped explain what had happened. Since then there has been a meeting about this child, but with what effect I don't yet know. Yesterday he blocked our way going back into the classroom then, in front of me, punched my daughter in the chest! Again I took him back to the teachers and tried to explain what had happened. I also spoke to a classroom assistant that speaks English as I was leaving.
When I picked Antonia up that evening I was told this child had been "tranquillo" that day. It obviously hadn't been picked up that he had hit Antonia in the morning! Now they know! What will happen I don't know, but I don't see why my child should be victimised during the rehabilitation of another!!


Delina said...

What a bully this kid is. I hope that things get sorted asap. He sounds like the kind who will move onto some other poor kid soon. Best of luck with it all. Let's hope he gets kicked out of the class.

I've read your other blog before. I love the cutie pics :)

Paola said...

That is truly awful. I really feel for your daughter and other children in her class. School is meant to be a place that you look forward to going and feel safe =-(