Thursday, 17 September 2009

Year 3 - Final year in Materna!

School started again on Monday. New trainers but same everything else! Started well, half-day Monday while the comune got its act together re meals. Antonia bounced in to see her special friend Oliwa - prounounced Olivia but this is the Polish spelling as that is where she is from. Big hugs all around!

She came home with a lovely song all about the school rules! It was very well done and included one about how everyone is the same even if they speak two languages. I thought that was a good way to put it! Not you aren't Italian but you speak another language as well as Italian!

Ballet started again. I thought she would be in Grado 1 this year but it seems she has another year of Gioco danza. She seems fine with it but as there is only 1 other child there from last year and all the rest are new and much younger I think she will get bored repeating everything all over again. Or is this normal with ballet?? Em?!! Suppose you do have to keep practicing over and over but I thought she was ready for grade 1... We will see.

Anyway, this morning all went awry! As I was combing Antonia's hair I touched her forehead and realised she was burning up!! She seems fine but her temperature is around 38 so no school today! Consequently, I'm updating Facebook and my blog while watching "The Sound of Music" with Antonia! I wanted her to see the singing Nuns. Seems to be enjoying it so far!


C in Bo said...

Hi Alyson- just wanted to stop by and say hi. My son has just started his last year in materna as well - a few of the kids have skipped this year and gone straight on to elementare. Not sure if I have made the right decision not sending him - hope he doesn't get bored! Can't help with the ballet I'm afraid as it's all basketball and swimming here!


Alyson said...

Your comment on expats got me motivated to up-date! Thanks.

Antonia could have jumped too because her birthday is in March, but her school doesn't encourage it. It's one of the few schools in Florence that goes all the way through to the end of Media. It's a college for teacher training too, or used to be, even though it's a church school. As much as anything I wanted her to stay with her friends. She loves it at the moment and I think moving her could jeopardise that! They start reading and writing here in earnest anyway, so it should be okay, I hope!!

em said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Honestly, I can't even remember what years I moved up and which I didn't, and I know I had a blast...but I do know that sometimes I would catch up or be held back, and I jsut went with it. Maybe the other girls had already been in Gioco danza two years?

Can't wait to catch up on all your webbies (blog, facebook)!

Alyson said...

Thanks Em! Glad your citizenship is moving - not sure whether it is forwards or sideways, but at least it is doing something! You'll be back before you know, although having seen photo's of your place in the US I'm not sure why you would want to!! Maybe we should swop.....;)

em said...

(just reading this!)

yes it's coming along, but there are some major road blocks to hurdle...mostly to do with us being in Italy for a year. It's crazy that it's actually making this HARDER!

we are actually going to have to move in the near-er future. The estate is being sold, but since it is so large and desireable, fingers crossed it will take a couple of years, what with surveyors and old pipes/lines, and the huge chunk of cash necessary in a crap economy. Just in time for graduation and me not to bust an artery over missing Italia!

Alyson said...

From what I've seen I'd buy it! If I had the cash tho'!

Have you seen the show Royal Pains? I love the opening credits which shows Long Island like a spit of land going out into the ocean! It looks very pretty!

em said...

you know what is ironic? That show actually filmed here at my office! I never actually saw the episode, I should try to find it if I can! (they filmed on the first floor which is a plant nursery and specialty gift shop...not sure what they spun it as tho)

Alyson said...

Wow! That is funny! The site I watch it on is down at the mo' - I'm hoping it will come back! If it does I'll scan through and I see if I can work out which one it is!!