Saturday, 6 March 2010


I honestly couldn't think of a title as I want to write about everything we've been doing that involves Antonia!!

Christmas she went into ski school in Chamonix for the first time. Up until now she has had one-to-one lessons which have given her confidence. This time she went into a group. French ski school is tougher than Italian it turns out so she struggled at little at the level she was put into. According to the French she could only pass their first badge, not the second, which was where she should've been in Italy. So we learnt from that, disappointed as we were....We also learnt that 5 mornings is not enough and she needs to do the full day. Hopefully we are going again at the end of the season and she'll do better.

We also stopped ballet for this term. She might go back after Easter, but she is really bored in gioco danza or literally play dance (pretend, if you prefer!). This is her second year and it is really simple and very repetitive. So for now, she is doing Karate!! Here in Italy this is not that unusual but unusual enough that people take a breath when I tell them! There are alot of teenage girls doing it in the class above but not so many in Antonia's age group. She is doing it with a friend so they aren't the only girls at least. Not that Antonia cares about that anyway. She likes boys just as much as girls! If this were a more ancient era she would already be betrothed to several boys in her class at school!! I find it very amusing as her brother was nothing like this at all....

I think she is looking forward to elementare. She certainly seems to be and is getting bored with nursery now. In the UK she would have been in "school" a year already, so for there she is way behind. Her English reading and writing is coming along well though, probably because of the lack of learning at Materna! Already she can very slowly read some simple reading books, it is tough but I know she is thrilled at being able to do this!

Anyway, back with more soon...:)

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