Thursday, 13 September 2007

First Day of School, Official

This is Antonia just before we left to go to school. It was pretty chilly first thing this morning so she wore her new anorak!

At school we found her hook with the kitten picture on it and hung up her coat and put on her overall. In Italian they are called "grembiulino" and she has two. I altered hers to fit as she looked like she was wearing a yellow sack! Bizarrely I was the only one who had! It was around her ankles prior to this and is meant for at least a 6 year old. I think we were given what was left. I say "given", this delightful outfit cost me €37 for two! You have to buy schools as well. Anyway she looks cute doesn't she?!

This is one of the many pieces of equipment in her playground. Every other seat is a bicycle which makes it turn around. There are climbing frames, cars, see-saws and other ride-ons. I don't remember my school being this cool! I also noticed planters around the playground with sticks in with each childs coat hook symbol on. It looks like each child has a plant to look after too. I arrived with Antonia at 9.00 a.m. when school is supposed to start but they didn't start kicking us out until after 9.30 a.m. I think this was because it was first day. Antonia was fine up until the point where I left! Other kids were howling at this point so she started filling up too. Luckily her teacher was there and she took over.

I picked her up at 12.30 p.m. as it was only half day and no lunch today. Next week she can leave then too or stay for lunch or stay the full day. I am going to try the full day as I think she can cope (see next picture, ha!) but we shall see. I want to start a language class which doesn't finish until 2.00 p.m. so there is some, well, alot of selfishness in this wish!

Unfortunately on the way home she fell over playing outside the Gelateria and badly bashed her knee and arm. This, combined with school resulted in this....

Three hours later she woke up! She tells me she cried after I had gone, but when I arrived she seemed really happy, although she did fling her arms around me when she saw me! She also says she isn't going tomorrow. Where have I heard that before?!

Finally, here are the contents of her bag. Tooth brush, toothpaste, tissues, toilet roll, drinking cup, plastic apron, liquid soap, overall and a snack! And it all fits in the pink backpack with the cat on.
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