Monday, 24 September 2007

First Week

All in all the first week went a lot better than expected. Antonia was very upset, as in hysterical, when we dropped her on Monday and Tuesday last week, but really happy and jolly when we picked her up. From this we knew (having gone through a first day at school thing once already!) that it wasn't that she didn't like school, it was that she didn't like saying goodbye to us. Which is really normal.

So we came up with a tried and tested strategy. Bribery! Yes, in true good parenting style we bribed her. If she didn't cry at drop off for the rest of the week, Wednesday to Friday, on the Saturday she could have any treat she wanted. Anticipating a Barbie fest I was actually quite relieved when she asked for a Cinderella jigsaw!

And, you'll be pleased to know, she got one! When I dropped her Friday morning, dad having done the other two days, she got some paper and pens, sat down and drew. No tears, nothing.

One other thing happened on Friday, which has given me greater confidence in the school. I received a phone call about 12.30 p.m. to say she had been a bit poorly and could I pick her up. I was so pleased they had called me. It can be a bit hit and miss what school's anywhere call parents for, so I was glad this was something they felt needed attention.

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